Social Activities

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In the last day of the congress (9 September 2017 Saturday) a tour will be organized with the intent of introducing West Blacksae Area. Contents of tour is listed below.

1) Minimum participant number must be 25.

2) Tour fee is 40 per person.

3) Tour fee includes transportation, tour guide, drink, lunch, dinner and a boat trip.

4. Departure from Zonguldak is at 9:00AM. First beaten truck will be Gökgöl Cave. Later tour bus will go to Devrek  Walking-Sticker Bazaar. After short trip in Devrek town, group will going to Safrabolu. A trip and lunchtime are in Safranbolu. After that bus will go to Amasra. Social activities in Amasra are a trip, dinner and a boat tour. After all of that group will return to Zonguldak nearly at 17:00.

1. Gökgöl Cave
Gökgöl Mağarası 1

2. Devrek Walking-Sticker Bazaar

3. Ancient Safranbolu

4. Amasra

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